Maintenance of the machine

A component - This part of the machine is practically free from maintenance.

B Component - This part of the machine must be periodically maintained in the following way:

The container for B component is inspected on the inside for crystallising hardener on the walls of the container. If that is the case, remove the container, empty it and clean it out. Crystals may otherwise sludge the pump or the handle.

The pump

At a longer interrupt “weeks” the B component container is emptied and replaced with PMS cleaner which is pumped trough the hose and the handle until a clear liquid is obtained trough the nozzle app.  3 litres is consumed for this matter.Repeat this at least two times.

Moulding in cold climate (below 10°C)

There are some precautions, which have to be considered when working in cold climate.

Keeping the material and the machine warm can be done by building a simple box around the machine and warm inside of the box by means of a car heater.