Starting of the mixing machine

See also the PMS-4 Machine Checklist

Dismount the mixing pipe and control that the opening of the handle nozzles A and B are properly open and not silted up, this is best done with a 5 mm. Drill bit in the openings of the nozzle A and B as far in the openings as you can, to check that nothing is silted up the openings. Control that the electrical couplings to the handle are properly connected.

Connect the tree phase contact to the 400 voltages, control that the handle starter is CLOSED; turn the control knob on the manoeuvre box, The green lights lamp on the box should lighten. The machine is now ready for premoulding control.

The check that everything is OK should be done without mixing pipe. Pull the handle forward to start the machine, A and B component shall flow distinctly and at the same time from the nozzle. Control also that only the A component is coming when you pull the right handle forward and while the left one is closed. (The magnetic coupling is disconnected).

Now the machine is ready for use. Put on the mixing pipe and screw on the brass nut tight by hand, thereafter the moulding can began.

Moulding Cable chase with PMS-4 at Heathrow Airport – Capacity = 146 m / 20 minutes

Temporary stop in the moulding

When a temporary (If only for a few minutes) stop is done, do as follows.

B component pump is disconnected by pulling the right part of the handle forward to start just the A component. Only A component is now flowing trough the mixing pipe. A few second shot is enough. Then disconnect the mixing pipe and hang it up with the nose down and the A comp. will leave the pipe and after a while you can visually see that the mixing pipe is OK for use again.

An easier way is to do as follows, while you are waiting to continue the mould push the handle every 20sec. For a small shot of material “just to have fresh material in the pipe preventing it to cure”.

- Warning -

Attempt to mould with a silted up mixing pipe will lead to that the A component is going in to the B component part of the handle and this mixture cures and sludge the pistol, a cleaning operation must take place. Always be observant to the mixing pipe and change this at the slightest suspicion, the mixing pipe can ALWAYS be cleaned after work.