The machine is arriving with the the housings dismantled but with the handle mounted.
Attach the housing to the machine and tighten the screws.
Check that all connections are well tightened. Open the two valves under the containers.
Check that the holes in the nozzle NOT are jammed. 
Check by taking a 5mm drill to secure that  there is no blocking.
Connect the electric plug to a 380 V device. Turn the main switch ON. The lamp shall be lightened.
Turn the operating contact ON. A green lamp is lighted on the electric box.
Push the right handle forward, the inductive sensor shall light green and the base material shall flow. 
Check that the pumps is moving in the right direction!! (The material shall be sucked down) 
When pushing the entire handle forward both sensors shall light green and both base and hardener shall flow. 
You are now ready to run the machine. Push the handle forward and the machine is running. 
Always turn the main and the operating knob off when working within the machine.
Empty the washing agent from the B comp. Container by pumping it out.
Fill the A and B container with material. In the A container stir down the humidity agent accurately 
(one litre to one 20 litre tin of A comp) Put the cover on the containers.
Run the machine until you have clean A and B comp. coming (until all the washing agent has run through). 
Look at the B comp. This shall be clear and yellowish in colour.
Now screw on the mixing pipe and run one or two small buckets with material. 
After the run, clean the mixing pipe by forwarding only the right side of the handle the machine is running and only A comp is pumped trough the pipe (this cleaning is good for a stop of some 5 min.) 
Look for the result in the test buckets it shall be black/grey and warm medium hard plastic material within 2-3 min. and after some 15 min. becoming rigid hard.
Now you have done a complete test and are ready to mould Your bottom boxes with PMS-4 material. Consider when you begin that the first material which is coming is ONLY A comp. (this remaining in the pipe) Put this small amount in a waste bucket. When You are working always try to do as many lights as possible at one time without a break longer than 30-60 sek. This is the most effective way of using a mixing machine.