Safe runways, safe flight.
We are here for our customers. Now and in the future.

We develop new methods and products, 

adapted to present and future needs.

Zel-Aaren develops products intended for usage on airfields, bridges and roads. The products are for example used for joint sealants, concrete repair, cable moulding or fixing of inset light bases.

For best results, applying is done with semi-automatic machines designed specifically for the different products, such as an applicator machine for inset light fixing and a filling machine for sealants.

About Zel-Aaren

Zel-Aaren has 30 years of experience in developing products and methods for sealing cracks and joints in asphalt or concrete surfaces. Over 100 airports in more than 20 countries around the world use Zel-Aaren’s products today.

The different products – PMS-4, Quick Seal – are used for sealing cracks and joints, cable moulding, inset lights moulding. For best use of its products, Zel-Aaren is also marketing two kinds of applying machines. All products and machines are developed and manufactured in Sweden.

Past and future

The history of Zel-Aaren begins in the early 1980’s, with a research project at the Swedish National Testing and Research Institute in Borås, Sweden. The research meant to solve problems with cracks and joints in asphalt and concrete pavements in airfields and roads. Between 1984-1989 the project was supervised by Sune Linde and as an extension of this project, Linde founded Zel-Aaren in 1989. The unique properties of PMS-4 opened new markets, which previously had been impossible to handle with polyurethane material.

Early in the company's history (1984-1994) Sune Linde used a Cessna 337 as transport between airfields.
Here at Bromma airport, for refueling.

Sune Linde led the company for 30 years before handing over to the Swedish Net Group with Markus Selme as CEO in 2020. Swedish Net operates within the fields of Security *and Airport technologies and will continue to develop Zel-Aaren and its products to meet present and future needs.

Glimpses of a Project

Curious about what working with PMS-4 can look like? Take a look at this short movie clip to see the process; from sawing and drilling to fixing the bases and installing the lights.