Today Zel-Aaren is controlled and led by The Swedish Net Group, a Swedish based company which operates within the fields of Security

and Airport techniques.

We always try to develop new methods and products, adapted to present and future needs.

Zel-Aaren was founded in 1989 as an extension to a research project meant to solve problems with cracks and joints in asphalt and concrete pavement in airfields and roads. This research was done at Swedish National Testing and Research Institute in BorĂ¥s, supervised by

Sune Linde between 1984-1989.



Early in the company's history (1984-1994) we used a Cessna 337 as transport between airfields. Here at Bromma airport, for refueling.

Since then the Z.A company is developing and marketing products intended for use in airfields and roads. These products are used for joint sealants concrete repair, cable moulding, inset lights moulding compound, surface protectants for concrete and asphalt.


In this program we have also developed, and are building and marketing an automatic applicator machine for the inset light moulding and a filling machine for sealants.