The Mixing Machine

Mixing and applying PMS-4 is done with a semi-automatic machine. The two components are loaded in to separate containers in the machine, and then mixed together in the handle nozzle. This gives a very easy handling and practically no waste after the work is finish.

The machine is built as one unit, easy to transport between work sites. It has a 10 metre tube hosing and can also be fitted with an electric heated tube hosing as well as speed control of the mixing compound.

The machine is developed and sold by Zel-Aaren Innovation in Sweden. Contact us for pricing information or training/support.

How Does the Mixing Machine Work?

The PMS mixing machine is composed of two gear pumps, gravity fed with material (PMS-4) from two tanks containing the A component and the B component. The pumps charge the A + B component to the right proportions trough two pressure safe tubes to a pistol nozzle which is equipped with a mixer pipe mixing the two components into a homogenous plastic mass, which then is cured within two or three minutes.

Cleaning of the machine

Temporary cleaning during work can be done by flushing A component through the nozzle. For cleaning the machine after work has been completed, use the product PMS-4 Cleaner.

To read more, check out the Operation Manual.