How to get started with PMS-4

This quick start guide highlights the most important steps to handle and use PMS-4. To learn more and become confident with using the system, contact us for a customized training offer.


  • Store in well-closed containers.
  • Store in even room temperature (in low temperatures, the B-component may crystallize).


    • Close the containers after every use and store them in even room temperature.


    Mixing PMS-4 is done in three steps:

    1. Measure the A-component (black material) and pour it into the designated container.
    2. Measure the absorption material (white material) and mix it with the A-component.
    3. Measure the B-component (yellow/brown material) and pour it into the designated container.

    Important - Measuring is done in volume dimensions (litres), not weight dimensions (kilos). See mixing table below.


    • The drilled holes, walls and bottom, must be absolutley clean and dry.
    • Applying must be done within 60 seconds after mixing the material.

    Moulding in Cold Climate (<10°C)

    The material and the machine have to be kept warm at all time, so when working in cold climate, there are some precautions to consider. One solution can be to build a simple box around the machine and heat the box by means of a car heater.

    Mixing Table

    If the weather is humid, the absobtion agent can be raised from about 5% up to about 10% of the mixture. The amount of the absorption agent is not critical.